A few years back, the Yellow Pages Group started a unique project that led freelance writers around the city to interview and profile their favourite businesses. Writers weren’t pressured to go to specific locations, but rather, were encouraged to write business profiles on their favourite hangouts, eateries, shopping destinations and service providers. This would allow Yellow Pages users to cruise the Internet and not only read local reviews from customers, but to get an inside peek into the inner workings of our proud umbrella factory. We were lucky to be included on this list by a local writer who loves our umbrellas.

She came to interview Corry for the piece and learned all about how we do business, why we love umbrellas and what we have to offer not only shoppers in Vancouver, but around the world. She came to write about us just as our online store came to fruition, and we were proud to share all the reasons we love umbrellas and why we stay true to the old fashioned methods we have for producing our products.

We were so pleased with the final result that we wanted to make sure that we shared it with you. Included in the article was a focus on the plethora of choices and options we have for our customers, as well as some insight into the generational history of our shop.

We were proud to be featured in the Yellow Pages business profiles. Have a read and let us know what you think!