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We love to play with umbrellas and styles, and at the Umbrella Shop, we think that mixing and matching makes for a rainy experience that speaks directly to your style. That said, many of us turn first and foremost to the pattern of the actual umbrella canopy, without considering the handle as another option for showcasing style and fashion.

We’ve blogged before about our spectacular line of Interchangeable Handle umbrellas, with the option of penguin, duck or bamboo style handle. We like that all of them can be interchanged with the canopy choices, full of colours and patterns, to give a different umbrella each time, and they are comfortable and easy to use as they are beautiful.

But there are so many other wild and wacky handles out there that we thought we’d explore a few. A quick cruise through Pinterest showcased endless options so your true self can be reflected in your rain gear, and although you can’t buy them through us, they do leave us interested!

The Love Affair
This handy little number doesn’t exactly have the most exciting handle style, but it makes up for that with not just one but TWO handles, perfect for romantic strolls in the rain with your favourite person. Just be sure you really like your umbrella buddy, or you’ll find yourself in close quarters without a dry escape.

Cloud Umbrella
This surreptitious little handle will surprise anyone. At first it appears to be a magic wand, but after inflation, creates a perfect little cloud over the head to protect from rain. The handle serves as the device with which to blow up the umbrella. Neato!

The Shacklie
Designed to take over as the handle for any umbrella, this metal handle turns into a fantastic handcuff, meaning your umbrella will be spared from thieves and when not leaving it on its lonesome, can be snapped onto your wrist or backpack to ensure the transit system doesn’t claim another victim.

Rain Parade Minis
These tiny numbers have tiny feet as the handle, with the tip of the umbrella sporting a wee accompanying head! It may not be the most practical, much less comfortable to hold, but cuteness abounds.

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