At the Umbrella Shop, we pay attention to the pulse of fashion, culture and trends so that we can offer our customers the latest and greatest in the umbrella world. The industry is large but worth noting that we’re the last umbrella factory in all of North America, and while some of our product is made overseas, our owner, Corry Flader, flies over very regularly to ensure our rigourously high standards are met.

Some people ask why we still do what we do when it seems to be a lost art and when some argue that consumers are less interested in quality and handcrafting than they are a good deal. We beg to differ, and we see many customers snapping up higher-end umbrellas because it speaks to their fashion and culture choices or because they love locally made goods.

There aren’t many left in the business, but that’s why we love what we do. So we thought we’d round up some interesting umbrella industry facts to pique our customers’ interest!

·      33 million umbrellas are sold in the US every single year! We guess that’s due to a lot of lost umbrellas and the fact that most everyone uses one when sporting a rain slicker just isn’t practical and you need that hair to stay coiffed.

·      According to Sunnycomb, the average person owns 2.4 umbrellas and buys a new one each year. (Stop leaving them on the bus, folks!)

·      Umbrella comes from the Latin word, umbra, translated as “shadow.”

·      Those from Asian countries are most likely to own more than a few umbrellas, with Japan holding the record at 3.3 and Korea at 2.8 umbrellas per person.

·      There are four fulltime staff members at the US Patent Office who are dedicated entirely to umbrella patents. That’s proof that the industry is constantly innovating (like we did with our interchangeable handle umbrellas!)

·      The most popular umbrella colour is black. (Try colours, patterns, unique materials and more! We can help you pick one.)

·      5% of people don’t use an umbrella. We beg of you, save yourself from the rain!