The Umbrella Shop waxes and wanes when it comes to our preferred umbrella, and we’ve laboured those choices online with our customers. Colour or pattern? Steel or fiberglass? Stick or folding? The options are endless, but sometimes you just need an umbrella that will do all the heavy lifting for you, and we mean the open and close that can be tricky when you’re carrying several packages at once and just need to open the car door. Sometimes all your hands are full and struggling with your umbrella only makes you not want to use it.

Enter the automatic open and close umbrella, which is unparalleled in it’s ability to keep you dry and make the whole operation smooth as syrup. We offer several models that open and close with the simple touch of a button, so when errands are on the list of things to do today, and it’s pouring cats and dogs, arm yourself with these options and stay dry while keeping busy.

Skinny Mini Open Close
For the person who wants a tiny model that gets the job done, the Skinny Mini is for you. Like all our automatics, it opens and closes with the touch of a button without taking up too much space in your handbag.

Lightweight Folding UV
Keep the sun out of your eyes with ease, thanks to the Folding UV. Days on the beach will be a breeze with the touch of a button.

Big on space, the Jumbo will keep you dry all over, along with several other family members! But with a large canopy, don’t worry about fumbling to get it open or shut. Just press the button and go!