In Vancouver, we pride ourselves on being able to golf and ski, all in the same day thanks to a cooperative climate. But the traditional summer golfing season is slowly winding down, leading to rainier days and fall chills. For those looking to hit up the tees, it can be a bit depressing, not to mention...well, damp. Thankfully, the Umbrella Shop has tons to offer when it comes to umbrella options on the course.

Jumbo Folding
Golfers love this umbrella for its versatility. With the gigantic canopy, you and your clubs are sure to stay dry and protected. But the folding ability makes this number nice and portable, making it easy to store strapped to your bag or tucked in a handy pocket. They come in a variety of bright and simple colours, giving the best of a huge umbrella with the size economy of a folding. They also come in manual and automatic, further customizing your options!

This baby is the largest umbrella we make, offering tons of coverage for the golfer and their gear. The two canopy system allows air to flow through, meaning a sudden windstorm won’t invert your precious rain protection. The handle is also spectacular, with a cushioned gel that makes long haul holding a pleasure. This stick model isn’t small, but it’s surprisingly lightweight thanks to the fiberglass ribs and carbon shaft.

The Freeflex
This baby is as durable as they come. With a super comfortable handle and lightweight design, the Freeflex sports a super large canopy with fibreglass ribs and carbon shaft. This model stands up extremely well to strong rainfall, so you'll be protected whether on the green or in the rough.



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