We’ve all been there; your favourite umbrella has officially met its last day, and there’s no prolonging its inevitable death. We get it, because at the Umbrella Shop, we love our umbrellas until they can’t live another day. Ultimately, umbrellas can be repaired (and we do that too!) until the material is no longer viable, meaning it is torn or covered in mildew. At that point, a new umbrella should be on your shopping list.

But with the world getting more and more clunked up with garbage, we all want to do what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle, and your umbrella is no different! There are countless sources online that showcase just what to do with that old umbrella you have lying around, some of them rather funny, some of them useful! We’ve rounded up some of the best here.

1.     Make a light fixture.
Not just for artists! We’ve seen several people turn their umbrella upside down and make a pretty pendant light using cable and light kits. Just be sure to keep the bulb away from the fabric to ensure it isn’t a fire hazard.

2.     Make a skirt
You think we’re kidding, but we’re not. The net is full of various tutorials about how to take your umbrella fabric and turn it into a snazzy little fashion piece. If you loved it enough to hold it over your head, perhaps it would make a great accessory?

3.     Think of your garden
We’ve seen lots of people using their old plastic bubble umbrellas as a system to protect their plants from early or late frost, while serving as a sort of greenhouse and letting light access the plants. Easy to move and store too!

4.     House décor
All that lovely door hanging décor you see gracing the homes of famed celebrities can be yours with an old umbrella and some objects from your local craft store. Stuff with moss, flowers and branches, string up some ribbon and make a beautiful entryway to your home.

5.     Drying rack
Don’t buy expensive racks at local stores. Instead, strip the material from your used umbrella and use the ribs as a portable, easily-stores drying rack for your delicates.