Here at the Umbrella Shop, we really operate under the model of, “It takes a village,” because it really does encompass a whole team to keep us ticking. We have umbrella makers, umbrella sellers, umbrella repair people, and of course, a writer!

Yes, a writer. We keep Kelly's business on hand for many of our blog posts, some social media work, and of course, her passion for umbrellas! Read on to learn about Kelly and why she loves working for us.

What brought you to the Umbrella Shop?
I was actually working as a freelancer for the Yellow Pages, writing business profiles on local companies. I had always loved the Umbrella Shop and when I first moved to Vancouver, it felt like a big iconic purchase I had to make from a store with such a legacy. I liked the way they did business and when the owner really liked the article, she invited me on board.  

Tell us about some of the umbrellas you own!
Goodness, it’s a long list. I have a big Windgrinder for dog walking, so my husband, dog and I can all fit underneath. I have two Domestic sticks, one with a lovely floral pattern and another in, you guessed it, bright floral cotton. Then there’s a Mini for my purse, two House Sticks (I like the automatic open button!), a lovely House Two Fold for travel and of course, my husband has three of four of them as well that I snag when I want some simple black. I can’t stop buying them. It’s a chronic problem. An addiction, really.

What’s the best part of working for the Umbrella Shop?
The people. Truly, everyone I have met at the shop has been so insanely kind and welcoming. They have a tendency to make you feel like you’ve been part of the family, which makes it such a pleasure when it’s a family-run shop. And of course, we share umbrella love, which is a unique passion.

Do you have a favourite umbrella?
When I first visited the Umbrella Shop, the owner, Corry, gifted me a lovely Domestic in an orange and yellow floral rose pattern. She wanted to pick one that she thought spoke to my style and when I got home after the interview my husband said, “Wow, that’s you.” Now I can’t help but love the entire Domestic line, partly because I enjoy supporting local companies who build their products in country, but also because the workmanship is so fine, with so much attention to detail. I know that the handle will stand the test of time and that the pattern is unique to the shop with so many colourful designs. I really, really, really love colour.