With amazing umbrellas comes the need for amazing things to keep them in. At the Umbrella Shop, we pride ourselves on creating pieces that last, so in last week’s post, we talked about all the steps you can take to ensure that your umbrella lasts with proper care. While it wasn’t mentioned in the post, a great way to keep the frame in proper shape it to keep it stored in a way that protects the spokes and handles, and the best way to do that is with an umbrella stand!

That said, the idea of an umbrella stand might make you think of something out of a Victorian novel, but much like your umbrella, the stand you choose can match your personality or that of your home. So we rounded up some of the latest and greatest stands we could find.

Any Tall Vase

You can always opt to use any kind of large vessel that will work as an umbrella stand. Just make sure it’s tall enough to not tip when overly full and ensure you clean the bottom regularly from water and debris that might accumulate in the bottom.

Green as Grass

Check this number out! This amazing i-Umbrella stand brings the garden inside with a pop of green grass to catch drips and a sleek white metal frame to bring contemporary style to your home.

Wooden Beauty

If wood is more your thing but you aren’t into country, then this stand is for you. It’s made of stained and lacquered oak, held together with an elastic that offers a pop of colour.


Modern Metals

If modern is more your style, look no further. This stand is super sleep and simple and allows you to hang smaller folding umbrellas while standing stick styles.



This one takes the cake for simplicity and design! This resin model is then covered in silicone and looks like a cube, with cool grooves to hold the umbrella. When not in use, it’s not taking up a ton of space!