The holidays have come to a close and normally we’re all feeling a little leftover vacation slump. It’s hard to get back into the swing of routine and work when we just want to be sipping mulled wine in the snuggly indoors. But the Umbrella Shop wants to remind you that there’s always something to celebrate, even if those celebrations are hilariously minute.

We’re glad to know that people want to find ordinary things to be happy about, but sometimes it can feel like each event, item and person has their own special “day.” Between National French Toast Day and National Nap Day, it can be hard to separate the realistic from the ridiculous. But we decided to do some digging for special days we want to celebrate, using our favourite item in mind: the Umbrella!

National Get to Know Your Customer’s Day, January 19th

When you run a small business, you quickly learn that it’s all about the customers. We’ve seen all kinds of customers come through our doors, all looking for the perfect umbrella for themselves or to make that perfect gift. With our new online store, we’re now talking with customers all over the world, sometimes helping them to craft custom pieces that are always fun to work with. But on National Get to Know Your Customer’s Day, we want to hear from you! Check out our social media channels and share your stories of Umbrella Shop experiences.

World Day of Social Justice, February 20th

We always stand for social justice, so we were honoured when the yellow umbrella became an international symbol of democracy in China.

National Weddings Month, February

Our umbrellas are always hits with the wedding crew. We offer a great range of umbrellas for couples and they make excellent photo props. And of course, few brides can resist our parasol styles. So we celebrate National Weddings Month with a flourish of our laciest and most bridal umbrellas!

International Flirting Week, February 14-20

What better way to flirt than under an umbrella? While we make lots of lovely, large umbrellas, we recommend something just a little bit smaller to get your flirt on. The Domestic Stick, perhaps? Perfect for canoodling under the canopy.

Groundhog Day, February 2nd

Just in case Wiarton Willie sees his shadowy self, prep yourself for winter or spring with an umbrella. It’ll cheer you up no matter the forecast.

If all else fails and you can’t get behind any of these celebrations, February 18 is National Drink Wine Day. Just sayin’.