Sometimes we take our umbrellas for granted. Sure, they protect us from the rain, and sometimes the sun, but at the Umbrella Shop, we’re always thinking of new and improved ways to celebrate this ingenious device! Can we use the umbrella outside of the rainy day? Of course! Check out our fun list below for things to do with broken, used or heck, even brand spanking new umbrellas.

1. Defend yourself
Okay, so we don’t advocate for beating people with your umbrella. But a good stick model can come in handy if someone tries to accost you and you find yourself without a weapon. Since most every Vancouverite has an umbrella on hand, you can use it for self defense in a pinch.

2. Keep other things dry
In such an expensive area of the world, we’re used to coming up with unique ways to deal with space issues. Drying laundry is just one of those challenges when it comes to small spaces. So if you have an old umbrella lying around, strip the fabric and use the frame as a tiny, foldable clothes dryer!

3. Baby time
We’ve seen lots of great online crafts where people take used umbrellas to make lovely mobiles for their baby’s crib. Since the umbrella is already balanced, you don’t have to worry about the piece hanging wonky and looking awkward. Simply print or design some neat photos, letters and cutouts and hang from the frame with string.

4. Decorate!
We’ve shown a few available crafts you can do with used umbrellas, and while it might sound corny, they make for spectacular decoration. At the Umbrella Shop, we often hear from customers that the fabrics are works of art, so hang them open or closed in your house for a unique display.

5. Protect from pests
Ever had a picnic or outdoor lunch, only to have it invaded by ants and bees? Fear not! Use and old umbrella (smaller is better) to protect food on the counter or table while outdoors.