Since we at the Umbrella Shop make products to last, we understand that sometimes, oldies are goodies. Since we do repairs as long as an umbrella fabric is in good condition, with proper care, some people have been known to keep their favourite umbrella going for years!

Sometimes newer isn’t better, and we have many customers who cherish the look of vintage umbrellas. If our Pagoda model and parasols don’t suit your fancy for an old timey kick, then a vintage model could be the right one for you. Whether finding them at flea shops or estate sales or your favourite vintage shop, when you find the umbrella for you, sometimes you don’t care that it comes with a few stains or faults. These can all be signs of a great life lead. So we’ve rounded up some care and cleaning tips for vintage pieces that need a little extra TLC.

1.     Check the fabric. Older umbrellas were often made of silk or wool or even oiled paper. Knowing the material used is vital to know how to clean it, since submerging in water or rubbing out stains could only create more on delicate fabrics.

2.     Dust it. We’re not joking. Using a fabric attachment, gently vacuum your umbrella to remove dust when full on cleaning isn’t possible.

3.     Oiled umbrellas don’t often open easily after years of sitting, so opening it gently in a steamy room, such as a post-shower bathroom, will help to soften the material.

4.     Clean the handle. If wooden, then use a quality polish to moisturize the wood. If made of metal, there are lots of great polishes available. Check the ingredients to ensure it’s safe for your handle.

5.     Repairs? Some repairs might be beyond your abilities. If that’s the case, bring it to us! We’ll inspect it and let you know if we can help.