We’d be lying if we said we didn’t have favourites when it comes to our umbrellas, and each person who works at the Umbrella Shop tends to own several at a time. We’re mostly guilty of constant shopping for the delightful rain protectors, but most of us harbour secret love for one particular style. For one of our employees, Kelly, the Auto House Stick is her absolute favourite umbrella in the shop. She owns three of them (along with several others, by the way) in several different colours and patterns.

So why the Auto House Stick? What makes it so darn fantastic? “For me, the AHS is the best of several worlds,” Kelly said. “I get the size of a stick, the lightn

ess of a folding and the ease of automatic open.”

Indeed, the AHS fills several niches all at once. With over 19 colours and patterns available online, you’ll certainly be spoiled for fashion choice. While this umbrella is offered in several solid colours, there are also great patterns like Spring Leaves and Ginko Leaves for those with a taste for flash.

The AHS is also incredibly versatile. It has fiberglass ribs, which means it flexes and bends with the wind so that it doesn’t turn inside out. But it also makes the umbrella incredible durable. Just hold it in your hand and you’ll be a believer. The ribs also contribute to a wildly light stick model, just one pound, so you won’t regret slugging it around all day.

Since it’s a stick style, the AHS also has a great sized canopy, 41 inches in diameter. We’d like to see the rain get in under that! And the curved handle means it slings nicely on your arm or bag strap, making it perfectly portable.

At just $44.95, there’s a reason Kelly owns several of these umbrellas—they’re affordable. So come down to the shop and peek around for your perfect AHS. Trust us. You’ll love it.