We’ve long since looked at the umbrellas as a labour of love. The umbrella business isn’t a technology start up or a new social media channel. It’s just a love for a timeless fashion piece, rain protector and practical, everyday device to keep you dry and protected from the sun. We just like to make beautiful pieces and ensure they fall under our strict standards, not only for durability and style but also for how our employees and factory workers are treated and respected. Here at the Umbrella Shop, it’s all about love.

Of course, love is on all our minds this time of year, thanks to Valentine’s Day. So while the real poor St. Valentine was beaten with clubs and beheaded, we advocate for kinder and more loving displays of love and affection. And what better way to show your love for your partner, spouse, family member or friend than with a shiny new umbrella?

Call us crazy, but since so much love and tenderness goes into each umbrella we make, we think they make the perfect symbol of thoughtfulness and amour. We’ve rounded up some of our most romantic umbrellas for the lovelorn of the rainy streets.

Imagine this: It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s rainy and cold and your date is shivering away, unprepared (gasp) for the weather. This is your chance to show that chivalry isn’t dead! Pull the FreeFlex from your bag, pop it up and poof! You’ve got an umbrella the perfect size for two that stands up so well in the wind, you won’t believe it. It’s shockingly light and just begs for cozy snuggles under the canopy.

Art House Stick
Evoke feelings of the Romantics with our Art House Print Stick umbrellas. These whimsy and beautiful designs are classic stick models but with lavish pops of colour. Our faves for that romantic day of year? The bright Pansies pattern. Hey, at least that way you can also say you bought them “flowers.”

Insert Your Favourite Umbrella Here
No one can pick a gift for your loved one quite like you can. So why not forego the tacky flowers and chocolates and get your partner something useful instead? Everyone loves a beautiful umbrella, so pick the style and model that best suits your wants and needs.