We celebrate all holidays at the Umbrella Shop, and we love it when our customers do too. But March brings round a whole new way to celebrate, because it’s NATIONAL UMBRELLA MONTH! That’s right, you heard it here. National Umbrella Month is of course worthy of huge celebration around here. So we thought we’d share a few unique ways to celebrate alongside us.

And hey, when in doubt, you can always come by and shop for a new umbrella, right? And to SWEETEN THE DEAL, we're offering all our blog readers a 15% discount for the month of March! You only have to call in your order. Call 1-877-427-6559 from Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm Pacific time.

1. Paint or Draw

Get the kids involved and paint, draw and colour your favourite umbrella designs. Pinterest is a great source for countless colour-in options or make your own!

2. Splash in the rain. Because, why the heck not. Get dolled up in boots, raincoat and umbrella, or just brave it in warm weather!

3. Watch Mary Poppins or go to the play. You have to love a movie where the umbrella takes centre stage, right?

4. Make your own cocktail umbrellas (get the kids involved) using cupcake liners and toothpicks and then spend the afternoon mixing up fun virgin drinks, or use the umbrellas for tiny dolls.

5. Donate your old umbrellas to those in need. It will make you feel good while keeping others sheltered.

6. Buy a new umbrella. Duh. (Come see us. We can help.)

7. Give umbrellas away as a gift. We make promotional ones that you can custom design for you and your posse.

8. Host an umbrella themed costume party. Check out our post from Halloween and get cracking with Mary Poppins, Jellyfish and raining cats and dogs costumes.