A while back we came up with some unique things you could do with old umbrellas, and after doing a little digging, we realized this wasn’t a topic we could let go of so easily. Umbrellas have so many different elements to them—ribs, handle, canopy, frame—that there are a ton of options for repurposing and reusing them beyond their standard purpose.

So we thought we’d look at some of the coolest things to do with your old umbrellas.

Make a Bag
All that fabric can be put to work with relative ease. If the fabric is still in good condition, separate it from the frame and add either a drawstring or a zipper to make a handy shopping bag for…perhaps a new umbrella! There are lots of patterns online and it’s a simple craft that kids can do too.

Magazine Rack
We kid you not. What’s a magazine rack if not metal frame and fabric to hold! There are several neat patterns after a simple Google search, but the idea remains. This craft uses two parts of the old umbrella, the frame and the canopy, to create a happy sling for your latest reads.

Make a Kite
Of course! You have all the workings already for a perfect kite…weatherproof material and a sturdy frame. A few simple tools and help from an adult will give umbrellas new life, flying in the air. Best of all, umbrella canopy material stands up well to wind, so it’s perfect as a kite.

Bird Feeder
Nothing complicated here! Simple turn an umbrella upside down and hang it on a tree or pole. Fill partly with birdseed and bust out the binoculars to watch them flock! Best of all is whenever it’s dirty you can simply take a hose to the material and set it up all over again. This is also a great idea for smaller, children’s umbrellas.

Hook it up
Don’t forget the handle! Remove cool umbrella handles from old umbrellas and screw them into a piece of spare wood to make a hook for robes, coats and bags.