Let’s face it…in Vancouver, rain is a part of life a good 75% of the year, which is why the Umbrella Shop is in the perfect location! Some of us retreat once the moisture fills the air, and some of us want to get out and dirt bike, hike and explore. We thought we’d look at some of the great things to do in our area on a rainy day—just don’t forget the umbrellas!

Get inspired
Some of the most beautiful works of art have been created while observing nature, and that means rain too. Canada’s Group of Seven can attest to that! Grab a canvas and head to one of the city’s paint nights, which collects a bunch of art lovers and sets them to work painting a particular scene while connecting with one another in a pub or restaurant.

See history
Vancouver has a fantastic array of museums and galleries that speak to our rich cultural history and also highlight our past and future as interpreted by artists and historians. Some of our faves include the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Museum of Vancouver.

Get outside
You won’t melt or fall apart if you step into the rain! Take the opportunity to explore some of our many trails and hikes that will likely be quieter considering the weather. But always be safe in the rain, as trails will be extra slippery.

Eat, eat, eat some more
Vancouver is known for a selection of incredible restaurants at all different price points, so why not check out some you’ve never tried before? Maybe set a challenge of trying three poutines and picking a favourite, or check out three food trucks and make a rating system with friends. Regardless, you’ll be dry and fed and surrounded by friends or friends to be!