In our years of umbrella blogging, we’ve been shocked at the number of topics we’ve been able to cover. We’ve looked at umbrellas as props, gifts, and practical tools. We’ve explored umbrella history and the science behind rain. And of course we’ve looked at all the elements of umbrellas, except their fabrics!

Fabric choice is important in an umbrella, since each is designed for a different purpose and can be better suited to certain kinds of climates. Here on the wet coast—ahem, we mean, west coast—there is ample opportunity to bust out a brolly, but there are sunny days and patio days and windy days and a million other factors that make your umbrella material something worth inspecting.
Here at the Umbrella Shop, we have a wide variety of materials to choose from so you can find the one that suits you best.

We have plenty of people who question cotton as an umbrella choice. Surely it isn’t water repellent, right? And won’t it get dirty? Not with the right care, it won’t! We make several Domestic Print sticks in special cotton material, which repels water and keeps you dry while also harkening back to a bygone era of classic style. The nice weight gives substance to your umbrella and with great care and spot cleaning, will last a long time. But these umbrellas definitely require total drying before folding up to store.

With excellent water repellency and being so easy to keep clean, polyester is one of the most popular choices for umbrellas. It’s nice and lightweight too, meaning you won’t have to truck around a heavy, sodden piece once it withstands some weather. This fabric tends to be on the shinier side, so some might not appreciate that if they prefer something more neutral.

UV Filtering
You guessed it…our UV filtering material, well, filters UV rays! While it goes without saying, many are under the assumption that popping up a regular umbrella will do the job of protecting you from the sun, but if you’ve ever gone out in a t-shirt and still found your skin burnt once home, then it will come as no surprise that run of the mill umbrella fabric isn’t always up to the sun-protecting task. If you intend to use your umbrella for sunny days, make sure you choose one designed to protect from the sun.

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