With summer on our heels, here at the Umbrella Shop, we start looking for the sunny skies. And while you might think your umbrella is only good for the rain, it was originally designed to protect royalty from the sun in Egypt, so summer brings about its original purpose—filtering the harsh sun from your susceptible skin. So we thought we’d highlight our range of UV filtering umbrellas to keep you safe in the sun.

Thankfully, we carry a whole array of umbrellas dedicated to this purpose. It’s important to note that all materials will allow some rays in, and it’s important to always wear sunscreen too. But an umbrella or parasol can be your first defense against skin damage.

If you like a bit more flair in your sun protection, look no further than our parasols, made with UV filtering material that will look as fancy and vintage as it does serve a worthwhile purpose. Their iridescent material will call to those who like a Victorian edge to their fashion choice.

Glimmer Stick
Our Glimmer Stick umbrellas are nice and large, made on a similar frame to our domestic line. The iridescent materials look great in rain or sun, and best of all, their UV protection means hours in the sun without fear.

Classic Sticks
You might not know this, but our Classic Stick line is also made with UV protecting material. The range of colours and patterns will mean there is one for even the tamest of fashion adventurers.

We also have several folding umbrellas that filter UV rays. Products here tend to change regularly, so feel free to email contact@theumbrellashop.com to see what is on offer this week!