We’ve all heard the saying, usually from our parents, that it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. While it’s usually said with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, the reality is that many have used the umbrella as a weapon, and even without intention, we’ve been susceptible to a few pokes and scrapes along the way. So the Umbrella Shop decided to look at all things safety related when it comes to the brolly, so you can be dry and keep your eye.

Keep a lookout
It might seem like it goes without saying, but nothing wrecks a rainy outing quite like operating an umbrella without looking where in the hell you’re going. So keep your eyes peeled, especially while on crowded sidewalks.

Watch for wind
This tip applies to both patio umbrellas and personal umbrellas, since a good gust of wind can have you feeling like Mary Poppins. Patio umbrellas are particularly at risk, since they have a larger canopy. So lean into wind to keep your brolly from taking flight, and if it’s windy conditions on the patio, keep the umbrella down for safety.

Watch kids
Kids love to play with umbrellas, and hey, we get it! But at the same time, automatic frames can pinch fingers and poke eyes, so always monitor children while they play. Our kids umbrellas have safety tips at the end of each point and also offer a pinch free open and close system!

Hold on to the handle, not the rod
This tip will give you more control over your umbrella, ensuring that if a gust of breeze does take it vertical, you’re prepared to control it much better or keep it from flying out of yours hands.

Exert control
Most umbrella injuries happen because people are unaware of the unwieldy nature of the brolly when they open it. Give the umbrella a wide berth and don’t point it at anyone while opening, especially with an automatic mechanism.