While we tend to think that all rain falls on Vancouver, it’s a fact that rain happens all over the world—shocking, we know. And when getting ready for travel, the last thing we tend to think about is keeping dry. Instead we ponder the monuments we’ll see and restaurants we’ll dine at.

But unexpected weather can happen any time, anywhere, and there’s nothing like lack of preparedness to put a damper on dampness. So we encourage all packing lists to involve an umbrella, and we happen to have several that make your next trip a walk in the park…a DRY walk in the park. And while some hotels will have umbrellas on hand for guest use, they can be in states of disrepair, lent out to other guests, or, well, ugly. And we can’t have that!

House Brand Two Fold
There’s a reason the House Brand Two Fold is such a big seller. It will fit in almost all carry-ons and medium-sized luggage, and comes with it’s own carrying sleeve to keep drips in check once exposed to rain. This model is also exceptionally strong, one of the strongest folding umbrellas on the market, and it comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours to suit any wardrobe. Best of all, it packs up nice and small to tuck into your day bag while exploring your new locale. It also stands up super well to heavy rains, and will keep you nice and dry no matter the length of your sightseeing excursion.

Skinny Mini
Sometimes, you need a tiny umbrella that will stash in the smallest of purses and doesn’t weigh down your bag (so you have room for more outfit choices!). Enter the Skinny Mini, which, at just 138 grams, is the lightest umbrella we make. They come in solid colours and patterns, with a small handle that will fit perfectly in your hand, making it perfect for unexpected showers.