Whenever we have a new customer at the Umbrella Shop, we tell them the importance of letting their umbrella dry once it has been exposed to rain. For some, this comes as a big surprise, because they can’t imagine opening their umbrella up in their home to allow it to dry, since all that bad luck! But trust us…if bad luck came to those who opened an umbrella indoors, all of us at the shop would be drowning in misery.

That said, we know that drying your umbrella, and dealing with it once it has been exposed to rain, can be a challenge full of mess, drips, and frustration. So we thought we’d explore some tips and options for drying your umbrella so that the fabric will stay in great shape and protect you from downpours long into the future.

For those days of shopping…
Sometimes you find yourself in and out of shops, only to find yourself carrying a dripping umbrella all over the place. It can feel ironic to use something to keep yourself dry, only to have it drip wet all over you, and leaving your special Umbrella Shop umbrella in the provided (and steal-worthy) stand at the door makes you wonder if you’ll ever see your umbrella again! Our House Brand Two Fold comes with a carrying bags and can be slipped over a furled umbrella to keep drips in check until you’re home to let it dry. Some malls and stores also offer plastic bags that can be smoothed over the umbrella temporarily.

For once you’re home…
Once home, snap open your umbrella and allow it to air-dry completely. Some people do this with their umbrella upside down, but be careful of this, as water pooling in the canopy can rust metal frames. We suggest laying down a towel to collect water if you don’t want it to drip on your floors.
It can be tempting to place your umbrella near a heat source to help speed the drying process, but this can damage both the fabric and your frame, depending on the materials, so we highly advise against this.

Invest in a stand…
We’ve seen many different stands on the market, but one of our favourites is the Design Boom stand, which collects water while simultaneously takes up little in the way of home real estate while it dries. Once the umbrella is ready to go, you just have to dump the water out from these cute and stylish containers, with no mess on your floor!