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Here in Vancouver, we get a little excited when we see the sun. It’s the nature of living in a rainforest! We see a lot of rain here, but we also have a spectacular climate that lets us basically be outdoors all yearlong. But because we wait so long for the sun, some of us are guilty of just flinging ourselves out the front door to embrace the precious rays. But be careful! We all know now that the sun can be super damaging to our skin, and without proper care and attention, it can be easy to burn and develop different forms of skin cancer. So we thought we’d examine some practical tips for staying safe in the sun, year round.

Apply Sunscreen
Come on. This goes without saying. Your skin needs sunscreen, at a minimum, SPF 30. You want to make sure that you reapply any time you sweat or go in the water. A new regulation means makers of sunscreen can no longer market their product as waterproof, and at the best, can only be water resistant. Use a whole shot glass full of sunscreen for your body and don’t forget often missed spots like ears and toes.

Wear Sun Protecting Clothing
We sometimes think that our clothes are enough to keep us safe, but sun can penetrate light cotton shirts and lead to sunburns, which can be even worse when we have a false sense of security. Lots of companies are now making clothing with sun protection built right in that offer long sleeves and pants in sweat-wicking and light-as-air materials.

Stay in the Shade
It ain’t rocket science, folks, but we encourage people to stay in the shade whenever possible.

It goes without saying! What kind of umbrella shop would we be without recommending one of our fantastic parasols or umbrellas that have UV filtering material and the added bonus of shade and keeping you cool. Best of all, you can pick any one that you like to match your style, and change it up daily based on your outfit. Plus you’ll have the added bonus of looking mega stylish with an air of mystery.