Over the years, the Umbrella Shop has had a wide range of different kinds of umbrellas grace our stores. We’ve had everything from wild colours to simple black, big canopies to pint-sized kid versions. We’ve had it all. But we always come back to classics because they simply seem to stand the test of time.

A classic styled umbrella is a classic for a reason. It appeals to a broad range of customers, from the businessman to the teenager, and it has standard features that we’ve all come to love. For us, our favourite classic is the Town umbrella. Allow us, dear umbrella lovers, to tell you why.

The Luxury Town, like all our umbrellas, is carefully quality controlled. As for looks, we only make this model with lovely, black material in a soft polyester, so it feels as nice as it looks. The stick style is a classic for a reason, harkening back to the days old Europe when these babies became popular.

The Town also sports doubled steel ribs, which gives this umbrella a nice hefty feel and able to stand up to intense wind and rainy gusts. The wooden handle and shaft means that it feels, well, luxurious, and feels nice and sturdy in the hand. The canopy is also nice and wide at 42 inches, guaranteeing you stay nice and dry.

Since wood is heavier than some of our other handle materials, we this umbrella doesn’t have an automatic open, since the mechanism can be on the heavy side. But you won’t feel like you’re sacrificing luxury since this umbrella opens nice and smooth and is easy to handle.

So whether you’re a styling teen or a all business businessman, this umbrella is perfect for anyone who likes a classic take on staying dry.

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