It’s with heavy but excited hearts that we announce the official closing of the Umbrella Shop. While we have loved serving you, Vancouver, and other rainy locales across the world, it’s time to shut our doors and recharge for the next step in life: retirement!
As you know, the Umbrella Shop is a third generation family business. We have staff who have been with us for decades, shop locations that feel like home, and techniques that are time-honoured and special to us. We love, live, and breathe umbrellas, but running a thriving business—not to mention three of them—is tiring work! It’s time for the next chapter, and we’re excited for where those dreams and passions will take us.
Closing such a large business is a hefty process. As the first step, our factory has ceased operations and we are no longer taking on custom work, including umbrellas, special orders or custom printing, and our domestic line is officially out of stock. Also, because our factory has closed, we are no longer able to offer repairs to umbrellas. We are in the process of liquidating stock and stores will close by the end of December, which means there will be some great sales in store for customers, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on umbrella(s) you’ve been dying to have or give as a cherished gift.

The nice thing about producing quality umbrellas is that although it’s farewell for the Umbrella Shop, it’s also not forever and it certainly isn’t Goodbye. Our designs and love will live on in the rainy streets around the world, but it started with you, Vancouver. Thank you for joining us in our dream and making it a success. Thank you for supporting local businesses and understanding the challenges and beauty behind the finished product. Thank you for giving us the honour of sheltering you from storms, no matter how temporary.

Rain is grace;
Rain is the sky descending to the Earth;
Without rain, there would be no life. –John Updike