We all know that Vancouver winter weather doesn’t make for the driest trips outdoors and in the rest of Canada, Spring is near and bound to bring piles of rain. A simple sprint outdoors can make for soaked clothes and muddy shoes. But no matter the weather, Fido still needs to do his business outdoors and needs a walk at least twice daily. All that outdoor strolling means everyone gets wet, even when pooch has a raincoat to keep himself dry. At the Umbrella Shop, we have a wide range of umbrellas for humans and their furry companions, guaranteed to improve those sloppy slogs through precipitation.  

Take for example, our Windgrinder. It’s the largest umbrella we make, designed not only to keep you (and at least two friends) nice and dry, but also to take a stand against wind with a vented canopy. It has flexible ribs and a carbon shaft, which means it’s nice and light to carry despite substantial size. It opens to an impressive 144 cm, which means your pooch with tuck nicely underneath with plenty of room to spare for another person (or pet!). The lightweight design allows you to easily manage an umbrella of substance and Fido’s leash simultaneously.

Or perhaps the Free Flex! Although not quite as large as the Windgrinder, the Free Flex still has plenty of room under the 123 cm canopy. It’s equally lightweight, thanks to the carbon shaft and similar fibreglass ribs, but a bit easier to manage with room for your pooch.

We also carry a litany of golf umbrellas that all have size, substance and more to keep you and your puppy dry. So don’t leave your dog out in the rain. Keep your pet and his person dry with one of our larger sized umbrellas!