Since we live in one of the rainiest cities in North America, we repair all kinds of umbrellas at the Umbrella Shop, as long as the fabric is still in great shape and free of mould. We’ve seen all styles and shapes, along with some beautiful antiques that still look brand new. But accidents happen and brollys get stuck in doors, bent by wind or torn on sharp edges and we seek to repair all of these umbrellas to their previous glory.


For anyone who makes an investment in a high-quality umbrella, you want to be sure that it lives a long weather-protecting life and so there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your umbrella stays in the best condition possible.

1.      Open to dry
Don’t subscribe to that old adage that opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck! When you get inside after a good downpour, open your umbrella in a space where it won’t get knocked and bumped and allow it to dry completely. This keeps the fabric mold free.

2.      Don’t use your umbrella as a cane
There are plenty of styles that can be used as a walking stick, however, we encourage customers to protect the tip of their umbrella by not tapping it on the cement and using it for walking stability. This can damage the frame and cause extensive repairs.

3.      Be gentle
Whether your umbrella is a manual or automatic close style, never force the mechanism if it doesn’t slide easily into place. If need be, bring it in for us to look at instead of forcing it into place.

4.      Store it properly
In the shop, we store all umbrellas closed, by wrapping the panels around the stick and attaching with the Velcro closure. This keeps the umbrella formed and stiff and therefore, less likely to be damaged if dropped. If you aren’t sure how to store your umbrella, ask one of our friendly staff and we’ll show you how!