Henry Wadsworth Longfellow says, “Into each life, some rain must fall,” and the same can be said for umbrellas themselves. Sometimes, despite our best efforts to care for and protect our purchase, umbrellas break, snap, twist, or otherwise become defunct. Thankfully, our skilled labourers at the Umbrella Shop are here to assist you and fix any umbrella for low fees and even lower inconvenience, delivered back to you good as new in a short time.

If you purchased your umbrella from one of our stores, then it is covered by our guarantee, because at the Umbrella Shop, we stand by the products we make. All tips, tie-ins and seams are all covered at all times, free of any repair cost. Got damage to the frame, ribs or other portion? Don’t worry! We will repair it for a max fee from $5 to $15 for entire frame repairs, as long as the material itself is still in great shape without mould. We’re not only proud of the umbrellas we make but we also stand by any defects that you may find, although they are rare! And although we know you won’t regret a purchase from us, we will also repair umbrellas from other manufacturers.

We often hear from customers who are worried that they don’t have their receipt, and therefore, won’t be able to have their umbrella repaired. We encourage you to bring it in! We know our products when they come in the door, so a receipt isn’t necessary.

So don’t toss your broken umbrella in the trash. Bring it to our Broadway location and we’ll fix it up, good as new.