How to Sew on a Tip


Sewing a tip onto an umbrella onto an umbrella is pretty simple, but there is a trick to it, and you will probably need to do it a few times before you really get it down. Here’s how!

1)    First you need to thread your needle. I usually double the thread on the needle. Make sure to tie a knot at the end to create an anchor.  See Fig 1.2

2)    You then need to place the tip onto the seam on the outside of your canopy. When you do this, the top of the tip should face the center of the umbrella, and the bottom (where the hole for the rib is) should be facing out. See Fig 1.3

3)    Once you have done that, you then need to fold the fabric around the tip, like a hot dog. See Fig 1.4

4)    Now the sewing begins! You will then sew on the tip, going in one side, through the center hole and out the other, then loop the thread around the back of the tip and fabric. You will do this two times on each side of the tip. Then tie it off and you’re done! See Fig 1.5


How to Sew a Tip.jpeg






Always open the umbrella slowly and carefully, and leave it open to dry after use. At the very least, leave it open to dry at the end of each day. If the fabric becomes moldy or mildewed, or the frame is rusty, we will no longer repair the umbrella as the umbrella will only continue to breakdown at this point. With regular use, the life of an umbrella is two years for folding umbrellas and five years for full length umbrellas.